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  • We've all seen Kumar Sangakkara and Jaques Kallis taking bowling attacks apart but have you checked out the end of the handles on their bats?


    It has long been known by the professional players that adding an end weight to the handle of your bat gives a lighter balance. With a lighter balance it makes it easier to make the necessary slight adjustments on the downswing if you are slightly out of line or if the ball deviates.

    A relatively small weight gives the bat a much lighter feel. For the majority of mid weight bats, depending on the position of the middle and how much you want to change the balance, a 50-70g weight is recommended. For very heavy bats or bats with a very low middle weights can be stacked.

    We are happy to give customers advice on the optimum weight required based on our research.

    Steel weights:

    50g (1.75oz) steel weight measures 6mm x 37mm

    70g (2.5oz)  steel weight measures 8mm x 37mm

    85g (3oz) tungsten weight measures 5mm x 39mm

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