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    Sweet spot / impact zone analysis

    The Crictech impact zone (or sweet spot) analysis process has been developed to help a batsman determine where on the bat he will most often impact with the ball for certain shots. Knowing this information the batsman can then select a bat shape that best suits his technique.

    If you are interested in reading the background on how the analysis process was developed or if you have any initial questions please click here.

    The first thing you need to do is determine where on the bat you naturally hit your drive shot from. This impact area will not change if the bowling you are facing is fast or slow or if the wicket is bouncy or low. For more information on this click the link above.

    We developed the Crictech impact marker sheet to assist you in determining the exact position. These sheets are available from our store. It takes around 20 good strikes to get the spread pattern on the impact sheet. You should use a match cricket ball whenever possible and when playing your drive aim to hit it hard enough to reach the boundary and along the ground. You can use a batting tee or get a team mate to give you some gentle throw downs.



    Next you will need to determine which part of the bat you naturally impact when playing your cut shot. Don't skip this step! It is a commonly held notion that everyone hits their cut shot higher up on their bat than the drive. For most people this is not correct. From our testing over the last 3 years only around 40% of batsmen hit their cut shots higher up on the bats than they do their drive. Around 50% hit it from the same area and about 10% actually hit their cut shot from lower down on the bat so it's best to test.

    Take a measurement in inches from the toe of the bat to the center of the impact marks.

    Once you have these two measurements you can move on to the design stage or read on for information on pick up and balance.


    Pick up & balance analysis

    Everyone who plays cricket understands what the pick up of a bat is but describing it in scientific terms is a little more tricky. Having spent many hours researching and having picked the brains of physics professors and sports scientists in three different continents we came to the premise that when the bat is moving the measurement that best describes the force the batsman feels is the moment of inertia or the swing weight but that when the bat is held ready, as in when the bowler is about to deliver the ball, the important factor is the force exerted by the batsman on the bat to bring it to equilibrium, which can be measured as the balance.

    Both of these measurements are important and give us useful information. It's correct to say that a bat weighs 2lb 12oz but picks up like it's 2lb 9oz if it has been shaped so that the swing weight and balance are more like that of a 2lb 9oz bat.

    At Crictech we have developed and are continuing to refine a scale that will describe the pick up and balance of any cricket bat. This is useful because it will allow a batsman to find out his optimum pick up and balance weight and select bats that match.

    Most of us will have noticed the end weights used by some professional players on their bat handles.

    These end weights move the balance point closer to the hands making it easier for the batsman to make fractional split second adjustments if the ball deviates. A relatively small end weight on the bat can make quite a large difference to the balance. Using a 3oz weight the balance point of a 2lb 12oz bat can become similar to that of a 2lb 6oz bat. Bat end weights are available in our store.

    If you are interested in joining in with the research and learning more about the results please contact


    Comprehensive analysis and bat design service

    If you are interested in finding out what the perfect bat is for your technique Crictech offers a comprehensive analysis and bat design service for $90 plus the cost of shipping the impact sheets. If you then choose to have your new bat custom made by us you will receive a $50 discount.