• Grade 1 Custom

  • We select the highest quality grade 1 English willow clefts which are then expertly pressed. We offer a level of customization in our cricket bat designs, not available from any other bat maker and specialize in tailoring each bat to the batman's technique.

    All our bats are handmade and hand finished to ensure a beautifully crafted cricket bat.

    Our grade 1 willow has a minimum of 7 clean, straight grains on the face. There may be some heartwood on the edge.

    Available extras:

    • Impact area analysis
    • Handle balance weighting
    • Customized & personalized stickers
    • Knocking in and oiling service


    • Round, oval, semi oval or octagonal handle shape
    • Offset edge
    • Long blade
    • Long handle
    • Super short handle
    • Weights from 2lb 7oz to 3lb plus

    Note: Pictures indicate typical quality for this grade. Finished shape will vary dependent on customers technique and preferences.

  • $ 320.00

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  • Grade 1 Custom
  • Grade 1 Custom
  • Grade 1 Custom
  • Grade 1 Custom
  • Grade 1 Custom
  • Grade 1 Custom

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